vrijdag 25 maart 2011

My first vacation

My first vacation in Lloret
My first vacation was 3 years ago to Lloret de Mar. Its a little paradise for party animals. A lot of young people from the Netherlands, but also from other parts in Europe come to Lloret. I had a great time there with the sunny weather, the beaches and all the party's. For me this was a great vacation!

Trip to Barcalona - Spain
We also got the possibility to travel to Barcalona with the bus. This took 2 hours from the centre of Lloret de Mar. The buildings and the whole city are way to big to discover in just 1 day, but i have seen the stadion of FC Barcalona(Camp Nou). This was one of the main events of my journey, because i have always wanted to see that football stadion in real life. I've played many maches on the playstation in Camp Nou, but i had never really been there.

My next vacation
Maybe it will be Lloret de Mar again, or another party destination.  
- chersonissos
- blanes
- rimini
- albu feira 

Lets see what my friends think of that :)

10 opmerkingen:

  1. I'm intrigued to see what you blog about.

  2. Lloret sounds awesome, any hotties? :D

  3. good blog post - keep up the good work! :D

  4. I got married almost 2 years ago and still haven't gone on a honeymoon! :(

  5. I've heard Spain is an awesome place to go, but you fully don't know the experience unless you go to Portugal, too, apparently. The two have had such a history (the Catholic Church had split the world once, half for Portugal and half for Spain).

  6. Never gone there but I have friends that enjoyed a lot.. you have an error, it is Albufeira, that is in Portugal :D

  7. Spain looks so good, especially those spanish ladies =D

  8. Wow. It's nice to see someone taking the whole "explore the world" goal and putting it into reality.

    i my friend have a large fear of flying so I say to you: godspeed!

    I'll be checking out the beauty from third person here on your blog :D